It is necessary to maintain a mattress, use and maintenance can be equivalent to a good mattress will not maintain using two mattresses, visible mattress how important it is to maintain, so how to do the maintenance of mattess? Main attention should be paid to the following aspects:

1, to avoid in the make the mattress mattress excessive deformation, do not bend or fold, mattess don't direct hard bound with ropes; Don't let the mattress local stress is overweight, avoid long time sitting on the mattress edge or let children jump on the mattress, in order to avoid local compression, which affect the elastic metal fatigue.

2, to turn the mattress use regularly, can flip up and down or switch fore and aft, average household can be transposed a 3 to 6 months; Besides use sheet, best can set on the mattress cover, avoid mattess dirty, convenient washing, cleaning and hygiene to ensure that the mattress.

3, remove the plastic bags when using, keep the environment ventilated dry, avoid mattress be affected with damp be affected with damp, do not let mattess had insolated long, lest bed face fades. In use process to avoid excessive deformation make mattress, at the same time in maintenance is not bend or fold, mattess damaged in order to avoid the internal structure of the mattress. With better quality sheet, pay attention to the length and width of sheet can cover the mattress, bed sheet is not as long as the absorbent, still can keep the cloth clean.

4, before the use should set good cleaning pad or the fitted first, ensure that the product use for a long time clean; Keep clean. Regular cleaner to clean the mattress, but there is no water or detergent washing directly. At the same time avoid immediately after a bath or sweat to lie down on it, more do not use electrical appliances or smoking in bed.

5, Suggestions about three to four months, the mattress on a regular basis to reconcile the turn, make the uniform stress, prolong service life. Don't often sat on the edge of the bed, because the mattress four Angle are the most vulnerable, sit on the edge of the bed for a long time, easy to make the edge damage of spring. Don't tense up when using bed sheets, mattresses, lest the mattress vent closed, causing mattress air circulation, breeding ground for germs.

6, don't local stress on the surface of the gasket stress, lest cause mattress sag deformation influence use; Don't jump on the bed, in order to avoid a single point stress ambassador spring is damaged.

7, avoid acute Angle cut fabrics such as instruments or tools. We must keep the environment ventilated dry when using, avoid mattress be affected with damp be affected with damp. Do not let the mattress exposure for too long, make the fabric bleaching.

8, if not carefully to tea or coffee and other drinks over in bed, should immediately with a towel or tissue by weight blot, hard work with blower again. When the mattress accidentally infected with dirt, can use soap and water clean, do not use strong acid, strong alkali cleaner, lest cause mattress fade and damage.

More than a few is about the use of mattresses and mattress and maintenance method, learn to maintain and use a mattress, not only can enjoy a comfortable home life, and can prolong the service life of mattess, saving the life that occupy the home. So why not?

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